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Collaboration between the pharmacist dispensing your medications and your Medicare plan is critical.

The pharmacist dispensing your medications also serves as a resource to help coordinate all of your prescription drug needs. The good news is that pharmacies, health plans, and healthcare providers all have the same goal: To ensure members receive the right care, at the right time, and keep members’ best interests in mind at all times. In today’s highly complex healthcare environment, an independent pharmacy owned Medicare Prescription Drug Plan is in a unique position to serve as the ultimate coordinator of member care to connect the dots.

Prescription drug costs are spiraling out of control.

Indy Health Insurance Company was started by a group of independent pharmacy owners who were tired of seeing the increase in drug prices and the impact on their customers of not being able to afford their medications. Independent pharmacists see the effects of this on their patient’s quality of life. They sought out a way to create a better model that helps make prescription medications more affordable and allows customers to stay with the independent pharmacy that they have come to know and trust. Backed by a team with extensive healthcare experience in the prescription medication market, we’ve set out to even the playing field. We are intensely focused on making prescription drug plans more transparent while controlling costs.

Most individuals aren’t aware that 3 Major Medicare Part D plans and Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs) control 80% of the market, resulting in soaring prescription drug costs, decreasing competition, and fewer low-cost alternatives. The impact hits seniors the hardest and costs taxpayers billions of dollars. Indy Health can help you expand your options while lowering your overall costs.

Please review our plan options page, select the option that best fits your needs, enroll through our website, and locate the pharmacy nearest you. You will be glad you’ve joined the Indy Health Insurance family of customers.

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Our Mission

At Indy Health, our mission is creating innovative alternatives to the traditional Medicare Part D Plan model that will help you expand your options while lowering your overall costs.

We encourage you to review our plan options, enroll through our website and choose a plan that best fits your needs. We are confident you will see the immediate value of our service offerings.